First Person Movement 23April2020

2.  Do I need to be shown how to use it?


There is an easy-to-follow user guide, but it is a better experience when someone who already knows ProtoSphere meets you in the virtual world and shows it to you.  We usually do that as ‘meet and greet’ sessions.

3.  How many people can use it at the same time?


Up to 75 can be in the same 'zone' at any one time.  If you have a basic graphic card in your computer, you might not be able to see everyone, but it will still work.  

4.  Do I need a powerful 'gaming' computer to use ProtoSphere?


No.  Any reasonably up-to-date Windows computer is sufficient.   SEE PREREQUISITES


5.  Does ProtoSphere use a lot of bandwidth?


No. ProtoSphere is very clever in this respect.  The graphics are downloaded onto your computer the first time you go into a space.  The only information relating to the visuals that goes back and forward between your computer and the server are coordinates.  Obviously, if want to be able to watch videos inside ProtoSphere, your connection needs to be sufficient to stream video but otherwise the bandwidth requirements are relatively low.

6.  How secure is ProtoSphere?


ProtoSphere utilises government-grade Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256-bit) for security of communications.  User authentication, single sign on and access control privileges are via Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP.  There are many ways to control who gets access to what space and to which facilities.


7.  Who controls the security and sets up new users?


Visit Limited set up all users and their access.   If you are a "moderator" there will be some things you can control yourself such as 'locking' your room and who can update media board content.

8.  What is involved in creating new rooms and other content?


Creating new 3D models is fairly time consuming, often working from photographs and diagrams.  However, once created, the rooms and other 3D models can be copied and modified to speed up the process. ​

9.  Who provides the technical support?


Visit Limited provide the technical support in partnership with ProtonMedia, the  providers of ProtoSphere.  The service is currently hosted by ProtonMedia in Philadelphia and they take care of backup and maintenance of the system.  Visit Limited work closely together to manage the roll-out of new releases.

10.  Can we use ProtoSphere to collaborate with other colleagues and organisations?


Yes you can.  Please send a message via the contact page to explore this further.